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Safety and security in Vietnamese tourism activities

For enterprises: Enterprises and individuals travel business in the city must pay more attention to safety and security for travelers and businesses. There are plans for disaster prevention, fire and other environmental issues, to minimize the consequences. 
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 Vietnam tourism is growing well, is considered a safe destination, the most friendly in the region and the world. To maintain and develop the good image of Vietnam tourism for international visitors and domestic, continued to maintain high growth momentum at present, in addition to market-oriented operators accordingly, increase promotion strength, product quality assurance, ensuring the security and safety for tourists at tourist attractions in the country, play a particularly important role.
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The role of safety and security in tourism activities
Of course the national tourist destination is not a mechanical sum all the tourist destinations in all localities in the country. But if there is a destination, no safety and security for tourists, the image, the brand of the destination country will be "hurt" and the remedy is also very costly, time consuming.
Safety and security in tourism does not happen often, but the consequences are very clear expression. The insecurity in tourism may appear due to the distrust of safety and attractiveness of tourist destinations causes. Do feel, such speculation, should have very bad effects, and very difficult to overcome. The perceived safety of visitors is the leading factor, the decision to continue the development and growth of the tourism industry. Therefore, the objective of managing safety and security in tourism is to maintain confidence, regenerate and restore the confidence of tourism activities.
When appears unsafe, security, the media focused primarily reflects the evolution of the event. National Tourism Agency can only make the media aware of the reports about events that affect how to travel and should reflect what extent. In practice, it must be after some days, the new media, focusing on the consequences of the loss of safety, security and information adjusted "hot" before. Until then, the information was transmitted, the presumption of tourists has been established, the decision to postpone or change the trip was made. Create the image of tourist destinations normally require a certain time.
The mission of the national tourism agency
In dealing and managing the safety, security and tourism, national tourism offices (in our country's Tourism Board) play a very important role. The mission of the Authority is to inform the public and its potential customers about the level of safety and security of tourist attractions, ensuring safety for their trip. However, noticeable is the safety and security of travel outside the control of the national tourism agency. If there are conflicts, wars, epidemics, natural disasters, crime, economic disputes, the focus of the monitoring and handling safety, national security does not come from first serve tourism, not focusing on tourism. Center for information on safety and security is not in the national tourism agency.
National Tourism Agency can rely on relevant sectors to prevent adverse effects of insecurity and security to tourism activities. But in fact, very few have the ability to control the safety, security and what the safety and security caused after the mass media hype the event. Only after the matter was settled, clearly see the negative effects of it to travel. So the task of the national tourism agency, including:
Prior to the loss of safety and security, so it is difficult to know when and type safety and security will occur, so there should be agreements with the industry directly related to the handling of insecurity and safety, as rescue teams, police, military, health authorities ..., in providing information on safety and security, a spokesman for benefit tourism with the mass media.
Should agree with the content of the information they are to play next; coordinate and participate recommended recovery plans. All that is expected of the tourism industry if it is part of the national recovery process will take effect very high. Tourism should join with other agencies dealing with the aftermath and recovery plans implemented since the start joint. Use this time to take action to support the agencies to resolve safety and security, and through them to reach and persuade the media to focus on building for the future rather than just focus on the negative impact reflected and consequences of insecurity and security.
After happening insecurity, security, should prepare action plans initially, constantly monitoring the situation and needs and can respond promptly to the center to provide information on safety and security. Find ways to get the updates, focusing as a basis for the preparation of plans to restore the situation.
According to psychological processes, the visitors will also suspected for some time after the incident takes safety and security. In this day and age, very keen travelers, to filters, evaluate the information and they have a lot of different information sources. Trust is an important factor for the recovery process after the loss of safety and security. Offering the ability to handle an effective manner, respecting public opinion is especially important because in these times, business travel or destination related to the safety and security become the focus of public opinion. Typically, plans and methods of solving the safety and security will become an important factor leading. Depending on the level of safety and security to determine the start time for the recovery plan.
A solution to the loss of safety and security in tourism
For the State management agencies: To fix the safety and security, in addition to the General Department of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism plans and general directives, action program specific to restore discipline in all destinations of the country, the industry and local governments at all levels are called destination with insecurity, security is vital and must be in accordance with the the decentralization of the Law on Tourism. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is an agency advising the provincial People's Committee of State management over tourism should urgently direct, coordinate and implement some good work in the competence and capabilities of themselves.
The Department should develop a plan, reported PPCs approved and coordinated with the authorities locally implement and strengthen the inspection, inspectors work to maintain order, security, sanitation environment at tourist attractions; restore order, hygiene, security and safety; prevention and combating social evils; remove the action "tight guillotine", beggars, unsettled guests at tourist attractions. Local Committee continued to hand steer measures to strictly handle troubling actions, which affect safety for people and property of tourists.
For enterprises: Enterprises and individuals travel business in the city must pay more attention to safety and security for travelers and businesses. There are plans for disaster prevention, fire and other environmental issues, to minimize the consequences. The accommodation facilities, meals, transportation and entertainment must strictly observe the regulations on safety and hygiene, fire prevention and accident prevention, social evils, ensuring travelers guests enjoy the best quality of service.
The local need good grasp of market orientation of the General Department of Tourism and more interested in self-marketing research their tourists. Need to focus on exploiting the market close, with large living sources such as China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN, besides continuing to promote exploitation of some key markets in Europe and North America source of tourists to Vietnam has stabilized as Russia, the US, the Nordic countries, Western Europe and Eastern Europe ... interested satisfactory to the domestic tourism market. At the same time continue to strengthen the promotion and advertising in key markets (both domestic and international) to introduce, attract tourists and reinforce customer confidence about safety issues , travel security. Must promote each local and Vietnam have political stability, security work, safety for tourists is being maintained is a huge advantage compared to many countries in the region to step up tourism development. Should see this as an entry point to propagate and promote tourism.
The education also needs to be enhanced and appropriate measures to all officials and employees in each agency, units, enterprises and communities engaged in tourism and responsible spirit material and ensure credibility, long-term service quality, sustainable tourism development, not to follow the immediate local interests, to create a good impression for our partners and international visitors came to Vietnam tour Male and domestic tourists were traveling in the country to become a positive publicity for the destination of Vietnam they arrived.
We should launch emulation movements to ensure safety and security of travel to self-defense forces, youth volunteers, the masses and the social organizations to participate actively and proactively to the operational hygiene, security, safety, fire protection and explosion at hotels, tourist resorts, tourist attractions, detect and denounce acts of "fraudulent travel" to creating a safe environment, civilized, polite for tourism development.
Tourism will also need a tracking unit for the safety and security of travel (professional or part-time). This department is responsible for receiving, analyzing the information, consider the positive and negative trends, loss prevention preparation safety and security in areas where probable forecast. In doing so, it may be more likely to lose control of safety and security in a certain extent from the outset, contributing to ensure safety and security to build a lot of tourist destinations safe, friendly and attractive international tourists and domestic.
Update : 04-05-2016

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