3 quick thoughts on MayMac:, 1) This is a "BOXING fight", which means it's not really a "fight" at...

3 quick thoughts on MayMac:
1) This is a "BOXING fight", which means it's not really a "fight" at all. This is a contest over who is better at the very narrow skillset of using only fists, used only in a certain way to target only the upper half of the human body. Mayweather is arguably the best boxer ever, and McGregor has never had a professional boxing match ever. This is why Mayweather is legitimately the favorite and will likely win tonight.
2) Who is the better FIGHTER? Without a sliver of doubt, McGregor is the better fighter. If this were a street fight, McGregor would unquestionably render Mayweather incapacitated or unconscious in under 1-minute. But my hunch is Mayweather probably won't be able to deliver such a quick & devastating outcome in taking McGregor to his territory. In other words, McGregor has (though very slim) a better chance of upsetting Mayweather in a boxing match than Mayweather ever could have in upsetting McGregor in an MMA fight. So we can frame the contest tonight not as settling a dispute of who is the better fighter (that being obviously McGregor), but as settling the dispute of whether the superior fighter can be beaten if he is confined to the inferior fighter's narrow strong suit specialty.
3) McGregor's power, unorthodox movement and his obsession with timing and precision have made this a more competitive fight than it ever should be. If this was almost any other MMA fighter crossing into a different sport to take on the best, I wouldn't waste my time with it. But McGregor has very specific qualities that take his chances of succeeding up from absolutely ZERO to "pretty small, but not totally impossible". His best shot is to use his unusual movement to pull off a surprise in the very early rounds.
I know it's a ridiculous freak show, but I have to confess, I can't wait to see it!