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Best Holidays packages in Vietnam 2018

Vietnam has many beautiful landscapes from the North to the South, among which, many places have entered the prestigious travel ranking in the world. If you love to travel, you have to plan for yourself, prepare for the trip in 2017.

January: See rubber leaves change in Southeast

At the end of the first winter of spring, usually in January to March, the south is dyed a red sky of red rubber forest leaves.

Coming to the South at this time, visitors will like to go into space in fairy tales, with the leaves of gold leaf, light breeze rustling. In the trees, yellow, red rubber leaves intertwined, squeezed between the green foliage.

The rubber forest in Binh Phuoc is one of the places that many young people love, choosing wedding photography. For the paparazzi, want to have a set of sparkling photos, rubber forests in the Central Highlands will be where you should go. The most beautiful rubber forest in the early morning, when the first sunshine through the dew still on the foliage.

February: Moc Chau plum blossom season

White plum blossom flowers are typical of Moc Chau plateau where no one has been.

Trekking, Cycling, Discovery and Family holidays in Vietnam
Trekking, Cycling, Discovery and Family holidays in Vietnam

Around February, after the cold winter days, when the weather began to warm up, plum orchards in Moc Chau, began to bloom white flowers in the mountains, creating a lyrical, poetic and romantic scene. Chronic. When plum blossoms bloom, if you go under the trees in the farm, visitors will feel like floating as walking on the clouds.

However, plum blossom in Moc Chau is very fast, usually lasts only 2-3 weeks. So, to have the most enjoyable trip plum blossom Moc Chau, you need to find out and watch the right time flowers bloom.

The most beautiful blooms in Moc Chau such as Phien Canh, Long Luong, Ba Khe, Thong Cuong, Pa Phach, Tan Lap, Ang. The road to Long Sap gate is the place where most plum blossoms, flowers bloom the most

March: Flower season

Every year, when the weather starts to warm up, it is also at the Dien Bien mountain, north-easterly white sky. For a long time, flower ban is considered to represent the whole North West.

The flowers of Dien Bien flower bloom in the most splendidly in March. The flowers of the forest are pure momentum, blossoming like the show beauty "specialties" that anyone, despite the rush to It is hard to forget.

Trees bushes, not straight up but meandering, branches branched branches. Every winter, the tree itself leaves the leaves, put plastic into the body, wait until spring warm spring buds bud. The leaves are sprouting, unclassified and not as dense as other plants. Whether you grow on a dry grass hill or clinging to a cliff, you still have an eternal life.

In March, Dien Bien celebrated its activities for the 2017 Festival, taking place from 11 to 14 March with many activities to introduce and promote the culture and cuisine of the North West with tourists.

To Dien Bien, visitors also enjoy a culinary culture, although not too rich in the category but extremely unique, unique. Dishes such as deep chit, sticky sticky rice or buffalo meat stew, ... make visitors come from where will also be satisfied.

April: Da Nang Fireworks Competition

As usual, the annual Da Nang International Fireworks Competition will be held with many attractive activities. In 2017, the fireworks festival will take place in two months, from 29 / 4-24 / 201/2017. There will be eight international teams and the Danang - Vietnam team will compete in the fireworks display for two days on both sides of the Han River.

Da Nang is a city of bridges with the dawn on My Khe Beach, Son Tra Mountain, Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Hai Van Pass ....

To Da Nang, you will have the opportunity to explore all these destinations. Interesting, try driving through the Hai Van Pass - where was dubbed as "the first great hero".

Da Nang nightlife is also a tourist attraction when coming to this city. Standing on the bridge to see the city and feel the full moment of the season, it will be a memorable memory.

Guests have many choices of accommodation, accommodation and fun here. You can also easily move to the ancient town of Hoi An for a short 1-2 days. Da Nang, Hoi An is also a "bright spot" on the map of Vietnam cuisine so do not forget to enjoy the specialties here.

May: Gold lasts for 15 days in Tam Coc

Ninh Binh is full of landscapes from mountains, rivers, caves, historical sites, pagodas, ecological tourism, artificial works ... The most famous is Trang An, Tam Coc - Bich Dong Cave, Hoa Lu Cave, Van Long Lake, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Cuc Phuong Forest ...

May is the best time to come to Ninh Binh when the rice fields turn yellow ripples along the river winding picturesque. Ninh Binh is known as the ancient city of nature, wild nature, in recent years has become the highlight of tourism in the North.

May is also the time when new people begin to pour water on terraced fields. Each piece of land reflects the glistening of the water surface, reflecting cloud or mist in the mist early in the morning is a beautiful scene that many people not admire, enjoy, also the endless theme for those who love photography.

June: Dalat hunting season

Dalat this season is very suitable for photographers and those who are passionate about discovering strange things. For one reason, Da Lat is in the hunting season.


At this time, walking around Xuan Huong Lake, you will see the mist is the momentum on the lake. Want to enjoy longer, you go to Lake Tuyen Lam, go further to the pine forest or mountains. Here you will meet a mist in the mist in the mist, which when the morning light up, will create a frosty impressive impression.

If you want to see a misty Da Lat in the fog, you have to go early, around 4am. If the night before the rain late, the more promising clouds and dense fog.

The most beautiful sight of the cloud is the mount of Hon Bo. Unlike some mountain peaks in Da Lat, the road to Mount Bo Bo is only a small path to the trail.

After reaching the middle part of the peak, where the flat is quite wide and clear, watching the sunrise in the sea of ​​clouds will be very interesting. In the summer, the dawn turned very fast, the clouds were not really splendid, but still playing gently around the mountain.

July: The sea call

Nha Trang has long been famous for many interesting sights such as islands with beautiful beaches, pristine virgin turtles and typical cuisine of the coastal region.

Nha Trang has many destinations such as Vinpearl Land - tropical paradise, Hon Mun island with clear water and magnificent coral ecosystem, Hon Tam Island is famous for sea exploration by sea Hon Chong - Hon Vo, Dai Lanh Beach, Institute of oceanography diversity, color and exciting discovery ....

Quy Nhon has a lot of destinations to discover such as: Unleavened Cham cake - Tower clusters with the age of nearly 1,000 years, one of the remnants of Cham history, Twin Towers, Thi Nai Lagoon - Bridge crossing the sea in the Quy Nhon city with Phuong Mai peninsula (Nhon Hoi economic zone), Tien Sa rapids and the area of ​​Han Mac Tu, Da Eggs, wind ...

Quy Nhon is considered one of the most freshest seafood cities in the South Central. You can find many dishes from seafood to the vermicelli and delicious hot sauce, attractive but affordable.

Ms. Su Quang Ninh

Cô is a beautiful beach property, if put into tourism, it can quickly become famous.

Vạn Chải beach is located on the western side of the island, with blazing coastline, fine sand, clean and white sand, waves just enough to play relaxation.

In the summer, Co To is like a wave to tourists in and out of the country to the beautiful princess of the sea, to feel the pristine beauty that tranquility, lightness

August: Thu Ha Noi

Autumn Hanoi beautiful. At that time, Hanoi was the flower of milk, the roads were flooded with yellow leaves, the sky was blue, the sun was golden and the seals were cold ... the best time of the year, Hanoi suddenly became gentle and romantic. Cheesy after the sultry heat of summer.

People often say "Hanoi is most beautiful at night". When night falls, Hanoi put on a new face: no more noisy, no car horns, only silent night on the streets and people sweeping the trash, selling vegetables prepared for the morning market early. Want to see the life of Hanoi at night you can visit the fruit wholesale market at the foot of Long Bien Bridge at 3 - 4am.

Hanoi Old Quarter or Hanoi "36 streets" is one of the important historical factors of the formation and development of Thang Long - Hanoi. It also preserves the values ​​of culture, history and lifestyle as well as a typical symbol of a traditional city.

Coming to the Old Quarter, visitors not only witnessed the ancient architecture but also enjoy the famous sidewalk pavilions such as Pho Ly Quoc Su, bun cha Hang Buom, rolls, rolls fish, fried fish La Vong ... Would regret if you go to Hanoi but skip this street food.

September: Sa Pa

Traveling to Sa Pa in September, you can combine conquering Fansipan, watching the sea of ​​clouds and rice terraces nine golden.

Terraces in Sa Pa are honored to be one of the terraces in the world's greatest. Nature not only gives people in this land the ideal landscape and climate but also gives them clever hands.

Observing the town from the 1800m high hut on Ham Rong Mountain is an enjoyable experience that anyone traveling to Sapa should try. The roads, hotels, tourist resorts are small at your feet. Not only that, on Ham Rong Mountain you also see the flower garden full of color and wool through the rocky ravine at Shilin Rock Garden.

It will be a pity if you miss the specialties such as: spicy beef, salmon - streams, Ban Pig ... along with the barbecue grill at night in the center of the town Sa Pa is well suited to enjoy hot pot dishes or grilled salsa with a cup of corn wine.

October: Mai Chau is idyllic

Not plum blossom season, plum blossom, nor the season of white forest mountain, but Mai Chau in October still have charms. Mai Chau has the beauty of green mountains and forests, rustic simplicity of rustic rice fields and the simple design of simple people of the mountain region.

The town of Mai Chau is located in the valley four mountains covered with peaceful natural scenery, clean air, airy. So, you can spend time cycling or walking in villages, visiting caves and markets.

To Mai Chau, you will live and work with the Thai. You will have the opportunity to experience the reality to better understand the unique life and culture of the ethnic people in your travel.

To Mai Chau, you also enjoy the simple dishes of the Thai, you will not forget the unique flavor. Especially sticky sticky rice Mai Chau, honey bee shoots sour bamboo shoots, fish broiled.

November: Western season floating

Floating water is a natural flood phenomenon only in the Mekong Delta, making the west of the river more colorful fresh. This is also the most exciting time, over the summer, for tourists to travel the West, enjoy the beautiful scenery and eat the delicious dishes of waterfront gardens.

Floating season in the West before around August 8-9. However, in recent years due to the rainy season coming late than before, the floating season usually starts in September and ends in November.

At this time, the tourists from south to north together to the west, looking at the tranquil Tra Jai ​​forest and green, or visit Tram Chim to enjoy the colorful dance of nature. In addition, to the West this time you also try the attractive specialties such as cotton wool boiled dipping sauce, fish steamed sour soup, dry fish snake copper ...

December: Ha Giang flower season

After the triangle, people are fascinated by the path of flowers. Ha Giang gold rush season, flowers where there are, but can not bring all the scenery paint like gold plating on the expensive high smoke. Arrived in Ha Giang late in December, many of the fields of flowering have been yellow, stretching, bright colors that make the winter weather become warm, strange and unusual.

You can admire the beautiful flowers in places such as Lung Cam cultural village, the Luang So Vang, flower gardens around "Pao's house" (Pao's Story), Lung Apples, Lung Cu, fork intersection of Dong Van (200 m to Lung Cu), Ma Chi Leng fork, Pun lakes, Meo Vac, Pho La ...

In that space, it is not difficult to meet the women of Hmong, Tay, Dao with a nice face, lips stretching in spring, in a gown with colorful garments to pick up wild vegetables. Landscape is beautiful, just a mountainous nature, just loveliness of human beauty.

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Update : 09-12-2018


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