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Reaching Out Tea Rooms is the first destination of many travel guides for tourists when coming to Hoi An. Who once had come here, experience the feeling sitting in the quiet and calm atmosphere of the restaurant, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee can feel the "Beauty of silence" between the prosperity of Hoi An town.
Located at 131 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Reaching Out tea shop attracts visitors both at home and abroad by its peaceful and peaceful atmosphere, delicious tea and especially the friendly staff of the deaf.
At Reaching Out, you will really enjoy tea, not tea for passing and then eating into cake. Tea at Reaching Out is Vietnamese tea, Vietnamese style tea is also pure and even jams are the coconut jams that you eat often in the New Year. The cakes at Reaching Out are also a highlight and even the lemon juice can not be beaten. But only tea, cake or water is not enough to make this place the number 1 in the heart of visitors. Reaching Out features a typical Vietnamese-style décor, with mahogany and bowls, all of which are breath-taking in the old days.
Reaching Out features a typical Vietnamese style décor
Reaching Out features a typical Vietnamese style décor
In the peaceful atmosphere of Hoi An with Vietnam Hoi An Tours - Special Experience For Holiday, the spirit of this decoration is more shining, it makes you really quiet in your mind, relax the ordinary sense of tiredness, only to your soul and taste, your sense of smell sank into the aroma of light tea and the smell of the wind rushed from the green garden. The most remarkable thing is that the staff at Reaching Out are all hearing impaired. You will communicate with them by writing up beautiful pieces of paper, a refined and artistic communication style Reaching Out.
The needs of visitors to Reaching Out are simplified, written on small paper sticking on the small pieces of wood placed in the tray placed on each table: Question, Hot Water, Cold Water, ...
This unique style of ordering is enjoyed by foreign guests. Although not communicating verbally, Reaching Out employees still show their professionalism, dedication, warmth and warmth to their "gods". In contrast, the needs of customers are reduced, written on small paper sticking on small pieces of wood placed in the tray placed on each table: Question, Hot Water, Cold Water, Ice, Bill, Whisper and Thank You. Conversations between people around the same so that also lightly like the wind, only occasionally rises like the rustle of dry leaves.
In addition to the indoor space, Reaching Out also has a picturesque garden filled with trees and sunshine. Sitting enjoying the hot tea, harmony with nature wonderful to help you stay calm, relaxed.
Beside the refinement of space, Reaching Out also scored by the time spent on food and drink. The biscuits are placed in beautiful plates of flowers, charming wooden teapots or teacups made of smoked earthenware.
Take a sip of light tea, eat a piece of cooked toast, or a piece of coconut fiber yarn sweet smell, close your eyes to relax the whole body, you will see the peace spread in each blood vessels. It is not exaggerated when Reaching Out is the foreign guests praise the words.
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Update : 28-03-2018


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