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 Muong Khuong peppers have become popular and popular with many people because of their special taste. But surely many are still skeptical about its flavor and safety. Come to Sapa to visit Muong Khuong to find out about this unique spice with International Travel Dai Viet nhé!
Muong Khuong chili sauce - the special spice of Sapa cuisine is the chilli. However, chilli in Muong Khuong is not like chilli in the lowlands. Muong Khuong peppers are very spicy but the size is very small, so the people here call it chili peppers. Chilli rice is very favorable and Sapa weather is very hard to have a very rich flavor that no peppers have.
And in the chili, the best is the chilli pepper planted in the hillsides of the mountains. As well as the scent of the mountains and the harshness, aridity of the soil that chili pepper mountain delicious than chili home. However, in order to meet the expansion of production in Muong Khuong, there was an increase in chilli area, though not delicious with chilli, but the pepper was still very good. Go to Muong Khuong in the season of chilli and you will be overwhelmed by a field of red peppers, as beautiful as any flower garden in the world.
Chili - the main ingredient of Muong Khuong chili sauce
To get a good chili sauce, the chilies must be picked when the fruit is ripe, not green, not stained, withered or overcooked. Spices are an indispensable ingredient for Muong Khuong chili sauce. Garlic is peeled, coriander seeds or seeds are sifted as well as filtered carefully to avoid the rotten or sliced ​​seeds will affect the chili sauce. The selection of raw materials must be carefully careful and strict to the best quality chilli sauce. There are also herbal ingredients such as: sweet bean, cinnamon, cardamom and Bac Ha corn wine. All are prepared and blended: Every 30kg of fresh chillies will need 100g of cumin seeds, 100g of sweet potatoes, 50g of garlic, 3kg of garlic, half a liter of corn wine, 3kg of salt and 50g cinnamon, 50g of cardamom and 5 liters of boiled water.
Freshly harvested chives will be removed, cleaned, drained and mixed with garlic. All nuts are washed, roasted to aroma and then crushed each type, to separate. Let cold water mixed with salt and then add chili and corn wine and then to a limit to take. Chili paste is always good when it comes to chilling. Chili sauce is usually made of oak wood and is not covered by the mouth but must be covered with a thin towel to have a certain airiness.
Chili sauce must be incubated for 2 months in a row to have the taste as well as aroma gentle, sour characteristic. During chilling process, the chilli must be continuously stirred to avoid fermentation. After chilling, chili paste is put into baby bottles to bring to every country of consumption. It is not easy to create a bottle of chili paste.

After completing the two month retreat in the oak barrels, chili bottles were brought out to bring the hope of the people here.
When using chili sauce, Muong Khuong will feel the spicy smell of herbs, the smell of forest in it makes the food as delicious one more step. If you have ever used Muong Khuong peppers, you probably will not want to eat any other chili sauce because its flavor is not chili sauce that can replace it.
You can use the spicy sauce of Muong Khuong for boiled items, baked goods or the thorn for noodle dishes, especially dots with the cooks of the upland villagers are nothing better.
With the need to serve the family and the availability of chilli peppers planted throughout Muong Khuong, villagers here created the first bottles of chili sauce. Life is growing, tourism Lao Cai also developed with the beauty of the landscapes that demand for highland specialties also increased and youi can reveal the spectacular Sa Pa Vietnam with the trekking tours. So later, more and more people know about Muong Khuong chili sauce because one tasting is never forgotten. Therefore, the quality of Muong Khuong chilli sauce is increasing as well as paying more attention to quality to meet the demand of customers.
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Update : 11-03-2018


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