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 You will be overwhelmed when you step into the house. Wood is the main material used by the owner to build the house, besides the wood also rocks and tiles. Stone brought back from Thanh Hoa, it is the new stone that helps the wooden columns not after the time. Brick flooring is a type of Bat Trang brick, cool summer, warm winter.

It's been more than 200 years old, but it seems like the time has forgotten this old house. Tan Ky ancient house is made by artisans who have the clever hands of the famous Kim Bong carpentry of Quang Nam. The motifs, patterns, structure on the house are all meaningful, colorful messages, the philosophy of the East. Tan Ky Ancient House is a popular tourist destination of Hoi An day tours, because here you can find the unique cultural exchanges of Japan, China and Vietnam hundreds of years ago
The house is a combination of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architectural styles. The architectural style of "husband and wife" consists of two horizontal bars overlapping each other, symbolizing the natural, five vertical bars like five fingers, representing five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) expresses the dream of harmony between man and nature.
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Update : 25-10-2017


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